Rouseville Remedial System Extension

Remedial System Extension

Rouseville, Pennsylvania ~ Elite was selected as a sole source contractor to provide installation services for the extension of a groundwater remediation system.  The work was performed as part of a corrective action plan required by state environmental authorities. ... Read More »

Shreveport Remedial System Installation

Remedial System Installation

Shreveport, Louisiana ~ Elite installed a dual phase ground water recovery system at an operating petroleum refining facility.  The project required a coordinated effort between Elite, plant managers and safety personnel to prevent the interruption of daily refining operations. ... Read More »

Containment Dike Construction and Soils Excavation

Containment Dike Construction / Projects / Soils Excavation

Lyndhurst, New Jersey ~ Elite provided containment dike construction, rail track dismantlement/replacement and soils excavation for a lube oil blending facility.  Impacted soils, from releases that occurred during past facility operations, were identified beneath the tracks of the rail... Read More »

Pipeline Pigging, Internal Cleaning and Demolition

Demolition / Internal Cleaning / Pipeline Pigging / Projects

Chesapeake, Virginia ~ The sale of an 11-acre former lubricants bending facility on Virginia’s inter-coastal waterway was, in-part, pending the regulatory closure of environmental issues that included the cleaning and removal of approximately 4,000 ft of steel surface product... Read More »

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