Containment Dike Construction and Soils Excavation

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Lyndhurst, New Jersey ~

Elite provided containment dike construction, rail track dismantlement/replacement and soils excavation for a lube oil blending facility.  Impacted soils, from releases that occurred during past facility operations, were identified beneath the tracks of the rail car unloading area necessitating the removal of a portion of track such that the impacted soils could be removed.  Elite responded by addressing the project in a phased approach by first removing the tracks and then excavating impacted soil to a depth of approximately 6 ft below ground surface.  Soil samples were collected and analyzed to effectively remove all impacted soil.  The excavation was then backfilled with select fill in accordance with ASTM specifications to achieve the contract specified compaction percentage.  The rail tracks were then replaced in accordance with rail track specifications.

The next phase of the project addressed the installation of a dike wall and 10 inch drain valve.  The dike wall was constructed using select soils capable of achieving project specified compaction ratings to a height of approximately 4 feet.  The surface of the dike wall and unloading platform were then dressed with uniform stone to minimize surface erosion and standing water.  The client was pleased with the rapid response and attention to detail Elite was able to provide while also finishing the project within the time allotment and the allocated budget making the project a complete success.