Dual Phase Remedial System Installation

Remedial System Installation
Dual Phase Remedial System Installation

St. Mary’s Refinery, West Virginia ~

Elite provided turn key remedial system installation services for a major oil company in accordance with design specifications produced by a national environmental consulting firm. The project involved the installation of remedial equipment that included a 3,000 scfm catalytic oxidizer, 3 extraction blowers, 2 injection blowers and approximately 9,000 feet of schedule 40 PVC piping tying in 100 recovery wells. Remedial equipment was installed in an existing remedial enclosure that included the demolition of existing equipment and removal of concrete pads in preparation for the installation of the new equipment. Upon preparing the building, Elite placed the specified recovery equipment as deemed appropriate to facilitate connection to electrical and plumbing appurtenances.

The extraction and injection manifolds tied into eight header pipes that were installed in the field and connected to lateral connections that further split the flow to selected wells. The construction specifications delineated a major portion of piping installation was required above ground except as noted at road crossings where the requirement switched to be either buried or installed on overhead pipe racks. Connections from the laterals to the well heads were made with flexible hose with either a single or double connection to accommodate injection / extraction from varying depths. The double connections provided for extraction or injection at separate elevations via the use of a drop tube fitted with a packer to segregate selected zones. Wells equipped with single connections were not equipped with drop tubes and had the ability to extract from only one zone. Both configurations included sample ports and gate valves to adjust flow. Elite was able to successfully complete the project within the time allotment and the allocated budget.



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