Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System Installation

Extraction and Treatment System
Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System Installation

Phoenix, Arizona ~

Elite provided turnkey remedial system installation services in accordance with design specifications produced by a national environmental consulting firm. The project included the installation of 1,800 linear feet of 10 inch diameter HDPE piping from the well to the treatment compound capable of pumping 1,000 GPM and the installation of (1) concrete discharge structure with 15 inch RCP discharge pipe to tie into the RID Irrigation Canal. Elite provided the excavation and installation of a concrete compound installed below ground and constructed a 200 linear foot decorative concrete masonry unit (CMU) steel reinforced wall including all associated surveying, form work, rebar placement, backfill, compaction, and quality control testing. Treatment system equipment consisted of (2) 20,000 lb liquid-phase granular activated carbon vessels, bag filters, manifolds and metering devices including all required connections, fittings, piping, valves, structural mounts, supports, appurtenances, quality inspections, and control testing.

The contract agreement required that work be completed in accordance with a narrow time line and the system was constructed in the middle of a community park. Elite was able to successfully complete the project within the time allotment with minimum disturbance to the facility.



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