Land Farming and Biopile Treatment

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Land Farming and Biopile Treatment

Roosevelt, Utah ~

Elite provided site preparation and land farming services to treat petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soils that were excavated as part of state directives to remediate the site.  The project was initiated by clearing the site of abandoned infrastructure and remedial equipment in the designated land farming area.  A total of 10,000 cubic yards of soil was then distributed across the site.  Nutrients and water were then added to the soil followed by tilling on a regular basis.


The project required accurate proportioning of nutrients, soil bulking additive and water to produce conditions that support optimum hydrocarbon biodegradation.  Site conditions were monitored by collecting and analyzing representative soil samples for nutrient, moisture and hydrocarbon concentrations. The results were used to document declining hydrocarbon concentrations, decide tilling frequency and determine nutrient addition.


Treatment of soils in area SWMU P-17 was achieved through implementation of aerobic biodegradation whereby, the site was divided into four sections that were excavated successively and mixed with nutrients and water. While the soils were stockpiled for nutrient addition, slotted PVC piping was installed along the bottom of the excavation. Once the soil was replaced, the slotted pipe was used to introduce forced air to the impacted soils. Air was supplied via surface mounted header piping and twin blower assemblies and valves arranged to provide even distribution of air. Elite was able to successfully complete the project within the time allotment and the allocated budget.


After two months of routine tilling and several months of forced air treatment, soil sampling analysis showed that hydrocarbon concentrations had declined to below state residential standards.