Rouseville Remedial System Extension

Remedial System Extension

Rouseville, Pennsylvania ~

Elite was selected as a sole source contractor to provide installation services for the extension of a groundwater remediation system.  The work was performed as part of a corrective action plan required by state environmental authorities.  The work was especially challenging because of numerous subsurface obstructions from past refining operations.  Health and safety considerations involving air quality for workers in the trenches was also an ongoing matter that often required a third party site safety professional to monitor air quality and maintain the air purifying equipment.

The first phase of the project addressed the removal of subsurface obstructions in the path of the proposed conveyance piping.  Subsurface obstructions were first located via ground penetrating radar.  The pipes were excavated and probed by drilling a small diameter hole to determine the contents.  Upon inspection and proper safety protocol a larger diameter hole was drilled and the contents were removed.  The pipe was then saw cut to allow an unobstructed path for the conveyance piping.  The process was repeated until all obstructions were removed.  Through this method, significant cost savings to the client were realized by focusing field crews and equipment on a single task.

The second phase involved the excavation of 2,300 feet of trench required for total fluids piping, soil vapor extraction piping and pneumatic hose to each of the 20 existing wells, and tying them into the existing treatment system.  Elite was confronted with a challenge during this phase of the project when the combination of wet weather conditions and the shallow ground water aquifer produced standing water in the trenches.  The problem was resolved through the development of a dewatering system that was capable of routing the hydrocarbon impacted water to the on-site treatment facility, thus saving the client the cost of hauling impacted groundwater for off-site treatment.  The project experienced minimal delays as a result of the wet conditions and was completed successfully in the expected timeframe.