Soils Excavation, Remedial System Installation and UST Removal

Remedial System Installation / Soils Excavation / UST Removal

Salt Lake City, Utah ~

Elite performed various environmental work scopes as part of ongoing efforts to satisfy stringent state environmental requirements.  The project included the installation of a ground water treatment system that featured an interceptor trench for collection of impacted groundwater.  An extensive network of total fluids piping, electrical conduit, and pneumatic air lines were installed in the trench to convey ground water to an on-site treatment system where the water is treated via an oil/water separator followed by carbon treatment.  Treated groundwater was then discharged to a 180 ft long x 10 ft deep infiltration gallery located up-gradient of the interceptor trench.  The design provided a flushing of the water table aquifer in an effort to enhance hydrocarbon recovery.  The project involved the removal of approximately 2,500 cubic yards of impacted soil as part of the installation of the recovery trench and the infiltration gallery.


The project also included the location, cleaning and removal of an underground storage tank and a dry well that was formerly used as part of the sites’ storm water management system.  Each of these tasks required adherence to detailed client protocol and state regulations governing the disposal of petroleum impacted material.  As such, Elite managed the required tank registration and waste manifest documents efficiently. Due to this, Elite was able to successfully complete the project within the time allotment and the allocated budget.