Environmental Services

    • Site Remediation / System Installation
    • Secondary Containment Installation
    • Underground Storage Tank Removal and Abandonment
    • Aboveground Storage Tank Installation / Management
    • Plant Facility Decontamination and Closure
    • Land Farming
    • Stream Restoration
    • Wetland Construction
    • Large Dig and Haul – Contaminated Earth
    • Haz. and Non-Haz. Waste Disposal
    • Drum Identification and Disposal

Construction Services

    • Bulk Storage Terminal Management
    • Construction Management
    • Heavy Construction
    • Technical / Mechanical Construction
    • Electrical Installation
    • Plant Segregation
    • Asbestos Removal Management
    • Site Clearing
    • Demolition – Complete Site
    • Confined Space Entry and  Management
    • Air-Knifing / Utility Clearing
    • General Contracting

Elite has performed numerous large and sensitive environmental remediation, construction, and excavation, projects in commercial, and industrial settings.  Our management team is respected for their effective project delivery including on-time completion, minimal changes, developing close cooperation between the owner / engineer, smooth start-up and operational performance.  With countless system installations, UST/AST tank demolitions, numerous large soil excavations and heavy construction projects, some of which require complex design/ build considerations, we know how to get projects done correctly.

Elite realizes that completing the project without a health and safety incident is of the highest priority.  Through employee training programs, daily job site evaluations, weekly tail gate safety meetings and written programs provided to each employee, we meet or exceed, Federal, State and client mandated regulations for employee safety.  These efforts have resulted in “No Work Related Injuries or Illnesses” and a corresponding zero (0) OHSA 300 record.  While we are proud of this record, we realize that constant vigilance is necessary to continue our goal of a perfect safety record.

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